Those Who Short Sale In Chandler Stand To Benefit From Short Sale Incentives

If you are planning to short sale in Chandler make sure you are receiving the best deal available at closing. This not only means finding the best price in the shortest amount of time but also includes the option for short sale incentives. When yoy decide to short sale in Chandler make sure your agent has experience with short sale incentive plans to ensure you find the best deal avialable for your distressed property.

These plans have already helped thousands of homeowners in the area get back on their feet after avoiding foreclosure through a short sale in Chandler. While many of these programs are made available by government sponsored programs some private lenders are also offering short sale incentives. Homeowners who have a mortage that is owned and serviced by the same company may qualify for a program through their lender. Banks like Wells Fargo and Chase have these programs and have been handing out hefty checks to those who qualify for sometime now. These programs only apply to a handful of homeowners and programs through the VA, FHA, and Fannie Mae are much more common. These programs may also have looser qualifications meaning if your mortgage is owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac you stand a good chance of receiving an incentive. These programs offer distressed property owners who qualify everything from tax relief from their short sale, relocation assistance for moving, and legal protection in the future. One of the most common programs is HAFA. Homeowners who short sale in Chandler that qualify for this program will receive up to three thousand dollars in relocation assistance and also a deficiency waiver from their lender. This money can help with moving expenses or to put down on your next home.

When you decide to short sale in Chandler make sure your agent can provide you the best deal possible for your property. Call the team at Group 4610 today to learn what programs you may qualify for.

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